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Did quick render in MAX of the Cruzer interior. This is the starting point for the IMI Faction. When the missions starts the player will have to select two vehicle escorts and board the Transport for travel to the planet’s surface. The Hopper can carry either the Bionite Gas Tanks or the Transport to and from the Cruzer as well as from one point on the planet’s surface to another.

Development Update. The first singleplayer mission for Bionite is nearly complete. We added alot of new content and redid all the maps to enhance the environments. Only a few more things need finished and tested and we can begin to release the “Bionite Saga”. Since we are the spiritual successor to the original BZ, we are using a similar mission style that they used. As in the BZ missions, the player must complete the goals as set by the Commander, but also defeat the enemy. In order to complete each mission, resource management is needed for building vehicles and defending your Refabricator. Some mission scenarios will require asset management (power and silos) in order to build and maintain a Factory. Other mission scenarios will involve a covert plan for rescuing a hostage or two, while defending your base from attack.
The Mission Achievement Board will record your successes playing as both factions, but some mission objectives might get taken over by the enemy…….

Cruzer Dock Render

Test Video of the Cruzer Dock using ShadowPlay

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Test Video of the Cruzer Dock using ShadowPlay. I did a quick video of the beginning of the Emze Mine Mission on Venus. The commanders’ orders will display on the screen and will set the target. I am still working on getting the surfaces done on the Hopper and the Cruzer, the ones in the video are just Placeholders. Took a while to get code right so there arent any glitchs or mesh clipping. In order to get to the planet surface with your escort, the player will need to load them into the Hopper Transport Once you and your crew are aboard, the Hopper will fly out the dock doors and land on the pad. In Strat Mode, the Hopper Transport system can be used to move heavy equipement and troops around the battle field. It will commandable similar to the APC in BZ2, however can carry a large vartiety of tanks or support equipment (like a Constructor). ~LtF

Development Update 8/14/2016

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Development Update: We have some very good news for the community! The first of a looong series of singleplayer misssions (50+) will be released in September. Starting on Venus, players use the Hopper and Cruzer Transport System to travel from one planet (or moon, asteroid) to another. Each location has an existing infrastructure already in place that requires disabling or defending as part of the mission. IMI players are assigned an escort squad while travelling to the planet surface where a Fabricator Unit is waiting.  Rebel players also have an escort to start with, but must use the Fabrication Unit to defend the existing infrastructure instead of destroy it.

Once at the location a base must be built and defended in order to overpower the enemy.  The enemy already has most of the Bionite resources tapped and heavily defended, which leaves only military strategy as an effective weapon. Once a home base is built, combat squads can be created to attack the enemy one strategic location at a time, or as an all out war. The Emze BioOre Mine on Venus, the 24th Biodome on Mars, the Solar Loadings Docks on the Moon, the H2O Mine on Europa…. are just the beginning of the campaign.

Campaign missions use a format similar to BZ1 with specific progressive goals as part of an overall campaign. The computer plays as an opponent, maintaining its own base and managing resources collected by Scavengers. The computer also repairs assets, deploys Scavengers to BioPools and defends strategic locations needed for resources.  Destroyed assets are replaced by the computer opponent using its Constructor and it fabricates combat units using the Factory and Fabricator.

We just completed adding the Sabre Heavy Tank, Wolf Heavy Tank, The Guardian Rocket Turret, the 105mm Howitzer, and the Rocket Gun Tower to the list of assets that can be built and commanded in game.  We also added both teams, so players can fight for the IMI or the Rebels. We are redoing all the maps for the campaign mission release in addition to adding one more map on Europa.

We will be posting the screens of the new maps and assets over the next few weeks leading up to the release of the first campaign mission: the BioOre Mine on Venus. A new map will be released approximately once per month a part of a series of missions in an overall campaign to control approximately 50 bases located throughout the solar system.  In about 6 months we will have our first set of multiplayer maps ready for distribution. Each singleplayer mission will be playable in Coop Mode as well as Team Strategy Mode with up to 4 commanders and 60 pilots.

As development progresses, we will have more info to share with the community. I will continue to update the FaceBook Page and our Website with new dev news. The support from the gaming community has been huge, and we are going to continue expanding the game with new content and features. Our goal of Full Release on Steam is now within our development crosshairs…… we just want to have the best release we can without it taking another 5 years in development. ~LtF

New Revision Posted……Finally!

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The game was updated on July 18th with version number PSB-2081-N.  Everyone that has the game installed on their Steam client will get the notification to update from Steam.  We strongly reccomend installing this new version because it has new content, bug fixes, and a complete overhaul of how the Constructor works.  We also have a new update video and a tutorial explaining the changes implemented in the Constructor command system.

The fundamental change to how the Constructor works was done as a result of the feedback we received from the community. We greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions about how to make the game better. It can take a while for us to make the changes, but we do make them.  The Constructor command system was redone to mirror the BZ command system more closely and make it easier for commanders to use.

Here is the Development Update Video:

Here is the New Constructor Tutorial Video:

Here are the Build Notes for this revision:

We have a preview of the upcoming release!

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Sorry about the delay getting this posted, but we have alot of stuff were getting ready for the Full Release on Steam. Our goal is to have at least 6 campaign maps and multiplayer ready for our Full Release on Steam that is coming up in about 6 months. During the time we are getting ready for our full release, we will be updating the game revisions posted on Steam. This video is a preview of the work we have done to make improvements and add more content. In this video you will see we now have the new lighting set up. We also have the Driller model working, a redo of the IMI Recycler surface, and the volcanoes. The rocks ejected from the volcanoes can do damage to your vehicle. I have a new revision of the game ready to send to steam in a day or two, with some bug fixes, improvements, and all the new content in the video. We made a major change to the constructor building sequence, so it is closer to the original BZ. ALso we are remapping the F5 through F10 keys to get around the Win10 issue with the function keys. If anyone has a solution to turning off the win10 hijacking of the F keys, please post it. If we can find a fix for this and after we have the custom player keymapping done, We will rehook up the F5 – F10 keys. ~LtF

Game Dev to Resume Next Week

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Im am just about to start working again! I had to take some time off to get my vision back. Too much staring at a monitor, and I was loosing my vision….not good. Doc said i had to take time off from work to rest my eyes. I couldnt see anything clearly beyond 3 feet. Ill be back at work starting next week, and I have a MASSIVE list of projects I will be working on. The dev team is ready to start up the pipeline again and begin producing new maps. We have storyboarded a new trailer and 3 new singleplayer campaign maps. If you havent shared our Facebook page with your gaming friends yet, please do! Thanks for the support you guys! be on the lookout for some new stuff starting at the end of this month.

New Release Project List

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Here is the master list of projects we are working on for the Full Release of the Game. We will be updating the game in Early Access regularly Start about Mid-next month with most of these features:
– Customizable Key Binding.
– Redoing the command code so when the commander selects the Constructor / Builder in the command menu, it will auto select the unit, then the asset for construction can be selected before the location beacon is placed. This will clear up alot of confusion for people that we accustomed to the BZ command system.
– Adding 8 – 12 more vehicles for a total of 10 vehicle types per team.
– Adding the Rebel faction for commanding in Single Player and Multiplayer.
– Rigging and animating all the utility vehicles as NPC’s. This would be the Raker, Scraper, Refueler, BioTrain, Howitzer, APC, and the Driller.
– Adding the character model with the sniper rifle and the jet pack.
– Adding the ‘snipable’ vehicle.
– Adding the sticky bomb for the character.
– Modifying the Factory for upgrading all the vehicles and turrets with different weapons.
– Redoing the vehicle interiors completely.
– Creating a full set of campaign missions with walk-through tutorials on how to play the game. this includes elaborating on the backstory and integrating it into the campaigns. Starting with the Water Mine on Europa, we plan on releasing a new Campaign map once about every 4 to 6 weeks for many years.
– Adding the Cruzer Model with a fully modeled hangar for the Hopper to dock.
– Replacing the Multifunctional Display Unit with a less obtrusive style of menus.
– Brand new trailer.
– Team Strategy Game Mode with up to 32 players per Team.
– Custom Squads.
– Player Profile Page with rank, stats, clan tags, match appointments, etc.
– Customizable wingman attack and defensive patterns (this will be done via a menu in the game, or through the Player Profile Page).
– Coop Skirmish Mode.
– Redoing the garage complex completely.
– Better destruction sequences for the vehicles and adding the damage morphing.
– Expanding the player ranking system.
– Adding HELLA more weapons and mine types.
– Retexturing many of the models.
– Tournaments!

Development Update

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After much debate and research, we decided to hold off on the CryEngine move until we have completed our Full Release on Steam. The move to CryEngine will be a monumental task that could actually result in less features than if we just stayed with Unreal Engine 3. I know the Unreal Engine 3 and I can finish all the MP and SP campaigns without much toil. The CryEngine is just such a different engine that it might take YEARS for me to get the whole game moved over (without some help from someone with experience with the CryEngine and c++ coding experience). I have not been able to find a CryEngine example of a vehicle with the dials and controls built into the dashboard. I have seen what they did with Star Citizen, but those guys completely redid the engine (hence there has been no release of a finished game). Therefor in order to make absolutely certain that the game gets finished and into Full Release on Steam within the next 6 – 12 months, were going to stay with the Unreal Engine 3. I am going to upgrade the lighting models and post processing effects were using to get a better lighting result. Here is a game that uses Unreal Engine 3 and does a great job with the lighting:

Were going to support the Unreal Engine 3 with many maps, new vehicles, campaings, the Player Profile Page and maybe a mobile version for IOS. Then in about 2-3 years were going to start looking at the move to a new engine. If the people at EPIC can get UE4 to a stable version that has all the feature we need for Bionite, we might move to UE4. Were not sure just yet about which engine to move to, but we are certain that the move now would be a mistake.~LtF