Blizzards on Europa? Hell Yes!

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Blizzards on Europa? Hell Yes!
On Europa the intense gravitation pull from Jupiter causes huge underground tidal shifts. When massive amounts of water slosh around, the planet surface sometimes breaks and results in a geyser like no other!. On Europa the elements play a significant role in the mission outcome. When all of the geyers erupt, it can be a white-out condition that requires navigation using radar only. The IMI have been know to mine these areas heavily and patrol constantly. Hidden turrets could be a problem…~LtF

The Upgraded Longbow Tank

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The Upgraded Longbow Tank. Mission 2 has missions that require an upgraded Longbow and Cobra Turret. In order to stop the Rebels from landing on the planet, the Longbow will need to be equipped with the Stinger Missile. As in Battlezone, you can use the Factory to set up custom loadouts and create custom spectralite weapons.


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MAJOR UPDATE PENDING. We finally got enough of the new Biodome 24 map finished to be able to show the community. These are screens of the new map with the Dome 4 Hangar and the Protein Farm. It is about 75% complete, im just about to start the final phase of surfacing and mission scripting. The mission on Mars will be pretty complex with several key tool tips for setting up troops for battle. On the IMI team you will need to defend against a series of attacks by the rebels from a squad of Hoppers landing on the surface. They will attempt to destroy the Processor (communications hub for the Large Array), annihilate the Protein Farm in Dome 6, and remove your Refabricator from the surface of Mars.

We are also working on completing the Europa map next. As soon as we have some previews ready, those will be posted here exclusively.

Production on the new teaser for the Biodome 24 mission will begin next week, once we have more surfaces done. This map will be the last mission we release before Full Release on Steam. We are going to continue to update the EMZE Mine mission and the B24 mission with bug fixes and tweeks up until then. Also we will be adding the Character Mesh with the Sniper Rifle, the rebel team as a playable faction, and the full Skrimish Mode against the computer. MP and the full RTS overhaul are expected to be implemented within 6 months after Full Release.

Enjoy the screens, there are a few

Just a Quick Update….

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The next major update is coming very soon (hopefully by x-mas). The next mission will be the Biodome 24 map located on Mars. We are starting with the IMI side first, so the mission will be to defend against the Rebels. In this mission the Rebels are landing on the planet surface using Hoppers. The Hopper transports are attachments for carrying vehicles from one location to another on the planet surface. They can also go into low planet orbit for docking with a Cruzer. Each Hopper transport can carry up to 5 mid sized vehicles for distances up to 2000 miles and has a top speed of about 2500 mph.
The Rebels are very keen to take the communications center on Mars, so they are using alot of assets……
We will have screens up in the next day or so, and the next preview video shortly after that.
-we are working on a hotfix for the current release on steam. The mouse sensitivity adjustment is not working for everyone and needs fixed.
-the Scavenger has a minor bug that is causing it to drive slowly to its destination. It still gets there, but might need to be reassigned the task if it stops. This bug will be fixed in the next patch, plus more than a few others!
Thanks for the patients everyone, were almost there! ~LtF

Quick ShadowPlay Vid by Hotshot Demonstrating the Collector Find Command

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This short in-game vid demonstrates very quickly how to deploy a collector using the Find command. In Bionite the Collector (analogous to the scavenger in BZ) can be deployed several ways, one of which is Find. When using the Find command, the Collector will locate the closest biopool that does not already have an Extractor deployed over it. This can make it very easy to deploy several Collectors at once, or have them follow you and periodically tell one to Find a biopool.


New Wing Card for the Recent Update.

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New Wing Card for the Recent Update. This has all the new functions and key maps for the new SinglePlayer Update on Steam. We are revising the manual now, its taking some time (damn thing is near 50 pages!).
If you are new to Bionite and havnt played Battlezone before, you might be confused by the Tool Tip #2. When selecting the wingmen in Squad One, it is the F5 key that opens the comm channel to the pilot(s).
We are working on an update now for the game that will serve as a hotfix for a couple of bugs we found since the release.



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STEAM UPDATE RELEASED. Finally! Check your steam accounts, you might need to clear your steam cache. This will be a complete reinstall (the old version was just too old to keep)
Steam will auto update. If the update was completed correctly, there will be a new EULA. Please let us know if you have any problems with the upload or the install. We are still in Early Access on Steam until we can get a few more maps done. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENTS. ~LtF and the crew at Platoon Studios