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MAJOR UPDATE PENDING. We finally got enough of the new Biodome 24 map finished to be able to show the community. These are screens of the new map with the Dome 4 Hangar and the Protein Farm. It is about 75% complete, im just about to start the final phase of surfacing and mission scripting. The mission on Mars will be pretty complex with several key tool tips for setting up troops for battle. On the IMI team you will need to defend against a series of attacks by the rebels from a squad of Hoppers landing on the surface. They will attempt to destroy the Processor (communications hub for the Large Array), annihilate the Protein Farm in Dome 6, and remove your Refabricator from the surface of Mars.

We are also working on completing the Europa map next. As soon as we have some previews ready, those will be posted here exclusively.

Production on the new teaser for the Biodome 24 mission will begin next week, once we have more surfaces done. This map will be the last mission we release before Full Release on Steam. We are going to continue to update the EMZE Mine mission and the B24 mission with bug fixes and tweeks up until then. Also we will be adding the Character Mesh with the Sniper Rifle, the rebel team as a playable faction, and the full Skrimish Mode against the computer. MP and the full RTS overhaul are expected to be implemented within 6 months after Full Release.

Enjoy the screens, there are a few