Just a Quick Update….

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The next major update is coming very soon (hopefully by x-mas). The next mission will be the Biodome 24 map located on Mars. We are starting with the IMI side first, so the mission will be to defend against the Rebels. In this mission the Rebels are landing on the planet surface using Hoppers. The Hopper transports are attachments for carrying vehicles from one location to another on the planet surface. They can also go into low planet orbit for docking with a Cruzer. Each Hopper transport can carry up to 5 mid sized vehicles for distances up to 2000 miles and has a top speed of about 2500 mph.
The Rebels are very keen to take the communications center on Mars, so they are using alot of assets……
We will have screens up in the next day or so, and the next preview video shortly after that.
-we are working on a hotfix for the current release on steam. The mouse sensitivity adjustment is not working for everyone and needs fixed.
-the Scavenger has a minor bug that is causing it to drive slowly to its destination. It still gets there, but might need to be reassigned the task if it stops. This bug will be fixed in the next patch, plus more than a few others!
Thanks for the patients everyone, were almost there! ~LtF