Preview Video: Venus Mission 1A

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Mission Objective Preview and Release Progress Update. The first single player mission is currently about half way through the beta testing. We thought we would be done by now, but we keep finding bugs that need fixed and we had to add a couple features to make the command system easier to use. In order to speed things along we are going to release the first mission with only the IMI side playable. It will take a couple of weeks to debug the Rebel team, but you guys can start the mission playing on the IMI team. Once the Rebel Team is finished and the next map in the mission series (The Bucket Wheel Excavator Mission) is done, we will update the game again. We have several new vehicles: the Sabre Tank, the Wolf Tank, the Guardian Rocket Turret, the Hedgehog Turret, and the Howitzer Cannon. We had alot of requests for an upgradeable Rocket Tower, so we added that too. We are still a couple weeks away from the release (unfortunately the beta test has been rough, but we are slowly progressing). This game is so crazy complicated, we want to make sure we catch all the bugs possible before releasing it.

The Video is a preview using the framedump method (not a shadowplay capture) to create the in game images. It previews the primary objectives in the mission that will need to be defended by the IMI team. When playing as a Rebel, these objectives will need to be attacked, not defended. There are also many Tool Tips that explain how to use the command system to control wingmen and set up a base. Once you get used to how the command system works, you can turn off the trainer and / or the mission system and just play straight strat against the computer.

As soon as we are within one week of finishing the beta test, I will post the final release date. We greatly appreciate the Bionite Community being patient with this release, we promise it will be worth the wait!