Test Video of the Cruzer Dock using ShadowPlay

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Test Video of the Cruzer Dock using ShadowPlay. I did a quick video of the beginning of the Emze Mine Mission on Venus. The commanders’ orders will display on the screen and will set the target. I am still working on getting the surfaces done on the Hopper and the Cruzer, the ones in the video are just Placeholders. Took a while to get code right so there arent any glitchs or mesh clipping. In order to get to the planet surface with your escort, the player will need to load them into the Hopper Transport Once you and your crew are aboard, the Hopper will fly out the dock doors and land on the pad. In Strat Mode, the Hopper Transport system can be used to move heavy equipement and troops around the battle field. It will commandable similar to the APC in BZ2, however can carry a large vartiety of tanks or support equipment (like a Constructor). ~LtF