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Did quick render in MAX of the Cruzer interior. This is the starting point for the IMI Faction. When the missions starts the player will have to select two vehicle escorts and board the Transport for travel to the planet’s surface. The Hopper can carry either the Bionite Gas Tanks or the Transport to and from the Cruzer as well as from one point on the planet’s surface to another.

Development Update. The first singleplayer mission for Bionite is nearly complete. We added alot of new content and redid all the maps to enhance the environments. Only a few more things need finished and tested and we can begin to release the “Bionite Saga”. Since we are the spiritual successor to the original BZ, we are using a similar mission style that they used. As in the BZ missions, the player must complete the goals as set by the Commander, but also defeat the enemy. In order to complete each mission, resource management is needed for building vehicles and defending your Refabricator. Some mission scenarios will require asset management (power and silos) in order to build and maintain a Factory. Other mission scenarios will involve a covert plan for rescuing a hostage or two, while defending your base from attack.
The Mission Achievement Board will record your successes playing as both factions, but some mission objectives might get taken over by the enemy…….

Cruzer Dock Render