Development Update 8/14/2016

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Development Update: We have some very good news for the community! The first of a looong series of singleplayer misssions (50+) will be released in September. Starting on Venus, players use the Hopper and Cruzer Transport System to travel from one planet (or moon, asteroid) to another. Each location has an existing infrastructure already in place that requires disabling or defending as part of the mission. IMI players are assigned an escort squad while travelling to the planet surface where a Fabricator Unit is waiting.  Rebel players also have an escort to start with, but must use the Fabrication Unit to defend the existing infrastructure instead of destroy it.

Once at the location a base must be built and defended in order to overpower the enemy.  The enemy already has most of the Bionite resources tapped and heavily defended, which leaves only military strategy as an effective weapon. Once a home base is built, combat squads can be created to attack the enemy one strategic location at a time, or as an all out war. The Emze BioOre Mine on Venus, the 24th Biodome on Mars, the Solar Loadings Docks on the Moon, the H2O Mine on Europa…. are just the beginning of the campaign.

Campaign missions use a format similar to BZ1 with specific progressive goals as part of an overall campaign. The computer plays as an opponent, maintaining its own base and managing resources collected by Scavengers. The computer also repairs assets, deploys Scavengers to BioPools and defends strategic locations needed for resources.  Destroyed assets are replaced by the computer opponent using its Constructor and it fabricates combat units using the Factory and Fabricator.

We just completed adding the Sabre Heavy Tank, Wolf Heavy Tank, The Guardian Rocket Turret, the 105mm Howitzer, and the Rocket Gun Tower to the list of assets that can be built and commanded in game.  We also added both teams, so players can fight for the IMI or the Rebels. We are redoing all the maps for the campaign mission release in addition to adding one more map on Europa.

We will be posting the screens of the new maps and assets over the next few weeks leading up to the release of the first campaign mission: the BioOre Mine on Venus. A new map will be released approximately once per month a part of a series of missions in an overall campaign to control approximately 50 bases located throughout the solar system.  In about 6 months we will have our first set of multiplayer maps ready for distribution. Each singleplayer mission will be playable in Coop Mode as well as Team Strategy Mode with up to 4 commanders and 60 pilots.

As development progresses, we will have more info to share with the community. I will continue to update the FaceBook Page and our Website with new dev news. The support from the gaming community has been huge, and we are going to continue expanding the game with new content and features. Our goal of Full Release on Steam is now within our development crosshairs…… we just want to have the best release we can without it taking another 5 years in development. ~LtF