New Revision Posted……Finally!

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The game was updated on July 18th with version number PSB-2081-N.  Everyone that has the game installed on their Steam client will get the notification to update from Steam.  We strongly reccomend installing this new version because it has new content, bug fixes, and a complete overhaul of how the Constructor works.  We also have a new update video and a tutorial explaining the changes implemented in the Constructor command system.

The fundamental change to how the Constructor works was done as a result of the feedback we received from the community. We greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions about how to make the game better. It can take a while for us to make the changes, but we do make them.  The Constructor command system was redone to mirror the BZ command system more closely and make it easier for commanders to use.

Here is the Development Update Video:

Here is the New Constructor Tutorial Video:

Here are the Build Notes for this revision: