We have a preview of the upcoming release!

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Sorry about the delay getting this posted, but we have alot of stuff were getting ready for the Full Release on Steam. Our goal is to have at least 6 campaign maps and multiplayer ready for our Full Release on Steam that is coming up in about 6 months. During the time we are getting ready for our full release, we will be updating the game revisions posted on Steam. This video is a preview of the work we have done to make improvements and add more content. In this video you will see we now have the new lighting set up. We also have the Driller model working, a redo of the IMI Recycler surface, and the volcanoes. The rocks ejected from the volcanoes can do damage to your vehicle. I have a new revision of the game ready to send to steam in a day or two, with some bug fixes, improvements, and all the new content in the video. We made a major change to the constructor building sequence, so it is closer to the original BZ. ALso we are remapping the F5 through F10 keys to get around the Win10 issue with the function keys. If anyone has a solution to turning off the win10 hijacking of the F keys, please post it. If we can find a fix for this and after we have the custom player keymapping done, We will rehook up the F5 – F10 keys. ~LtF