New Release Project List

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Here is the master list of projects we are working on for the Full Release of the Game. We will be updating the game in Early Access regularly Start about Mid-next month with most of these features:
– Customizable Key Binding.
– Redoing the command code so when the commander selects the Constructor / Builder in the command menu, it will auto select the unit, then the asset for construction can be selected before the location beacon is placed. This will clear up alot of confusion for people that we accustomed to the BZ command system.
– Adding 8 – 12 more vehicles for a total of 10 vehicle types per team.
– Adding the Rebel faction for commanding in Single Player and Multiplayer.
– Rigging and animating all the utility vehicles as NPC’s. This would be the Raker, Scraper, Refueler, BioTrain, Howitzer, APC, and the Driller.
– Adding the character model with the sniper rifle and the jet pack.
– Adding the ‘snipable’ vehicle.
– Adding the sticky bomb for the character.
– Modifying the Factory for upgrading all the vehicles and turrets with different weapons.
– Redoing the vehicle interiors completely.
– Creating a full set of campaign missions with walk-through tutorials on how to play the game. this includes elaborating on the backstory and integrating it into the campaigns. Starting with the Water Mine on Europa, we plan on releasing a new Campaign map once about every 4 to 6 weeks for many years.
– Adding the Cruzer Model with a fully modeled hangar for the Hopper to dock.
– Replacing the Multifunctional Display Unit with a less obtrusive style of menus.
– Brand new trailer.
– Team Strategy Game Mode with up to 32 players per Team.
– Custom Squads.
– Player Profile Page with rank, stats, clan tags, match appointments, etc.
– Customizable wingman attack and defensive patterns (this will be done via a menu in the game, or through the Player Profile Page).
– Coop Skirmish Mode.
– Redoing the garage complex completely.
– Better destruction sequences for the vehicles and adding the damage morphing.
– Expanding the player ranking system.
– Adding HELLA more weapons and mine types.
– Retexturing many of the models.
– Tournaments!