Development Update

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After much debate and research, we decided to hold off on the CryEngine move until we have completed our Full Release on Steam. The move to CryEngine will be a monumental task that could actually result in less features than if we just stayed with Unreal Engine 3. I know the Unreal Engine 3 and I can finish all the MP and SP campaigns without much toil. The CryEngine is just such a different engine that it might take YEARS for me to get the whole game moved over (without some help from someone with experience with the CryEngine and c++ coding experience). I have not been able to find a CryEngine example of a vehicle with the dials and controls built into the dashboard. I have seen what they did with Star Citizen, but those guys completely redid the engine (hence there has been no release of a finished game). Therefor in order to make absolutely certain that the game gets finished and into Full Release on Steam within the next 6 – 12 months, were going to stay with the Unreal Engine 3. I am going to upgrade the lighting models and post processing effects were using to get a better lighting result. Here is a game that uses Unreal Engine 3 and does a great job with the lighting:

Were going to support the Unreal Engine 3 with many maps, new vehicles, campaings, the Player Profile Page and maybe a mobile version for IOS. Then in about 2-3 years were going to start looking at the move to a new engine. If the people at EPIC can get UE4 to a stable version that has all the feature we need for Bionite, we might move to UE4. Were not sure just yet about which engine to move to, but we are certain that the move now would be a mistake.~LtF