Fix for the Reinstall Problem

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I just posted a new revision to Steam. This revision has the executable “BIONITE2C”. This has a fix for the reinstall problem we have been having with Steam. EVERYONE Please get this new revision after uninstalling your old revision and clearing your appcache on Steam. The problem we had to fix had to do with the Unsetup.exe program that manages the EULA and updates the registry. UDK has no work around for this issue when published to Steam. Steam wants the unzipped files, not the install file. Until we fixed it, if the game was launched through Steam, the game would try to update the registry with Unsetup.exe. The problem was that Unsetup.exe only runs from the zipped install file when packaged using the FrontEnd program (this program creates the cooked version of the game and packs it for distribution). If the game was launched through Steam it would crash because the registry was not updated with the accepted EULA. In order to fix this, we had to create an application that would bypass the EPIC Unsetup and update the registry. Now that we have done that, all of the install problems with Steam should be resolved. Many people were getting really strange problems because of this…that had nothing to do with the game!