Fix for the Reinstall Problem

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I just posted a new revision to Steam. This revision has the executable “BIONITE2C”. This has a fix for the reinstall problem we have been having with Steam. EVERYONE Please get this new revision after uninstalling your old revision and clearing your appcache on Steam. The problem we had to fix had to do with the Unsetup.exe program that manages the EULA and updates the registry. UDK has no work around for this issue when published to Steam. Steam wants the unzipped files, not the install file. Until we fixed it, if the game was launched through Steam, the game would try to update the registry with Unsetup.exe. The problem was that Unsetup.exe only runs from the zipped install file when packaged using the FrontEnd program (this program creates the cooked version of the game and packs it for distribution). If the game was launched through Steam it would crash because the registry was not updated with the accepted EULA. In order to fix this, we had to create an application that would bypass the EPIC Unsetup and update the registry. Now that we have done that, all of the install problems with Steam should be resolved. Many people were getting really strange problems because of this…that had nothing to do with the game!

Build Notes for Revision 1

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We just posted revision 1 to the SinglePlayer Missions on Steam, here is the list of changes and fixes:

Build Notes Revision 1

Bionite:Origins Steam Release


  • Added Team Colors. Enemy = red. Friendly = blue
  • Added Thump weapon on Kodiak using the U key. Charger indicator in MFD works
  • Squad menu fixed to reflect existing vehs in squad.
  • Each vehicle type gets assigned to its own squad. Added the Left Shift key to select squad 8 to squad 14
  • Adjusted the cull distance to reduce model popping
  • Fixed the blowing dust rate to change density over time
  • Added the Trainer setting to the difficulty slider. Trainer setting stops enemy attacking to allow for base building and command practice
  • Fixed command menu access when vehicle is destroyed and pilot is auto-ejected
  • Fixed command control of the Lynx, Spyder turret, Diamond Back turret, and Repair Drone.
  • Adjusted the building height from landscape when built (so buildings don’t hover)
  • Fixed the Ore meter to add to the max storage capacity when Silo is built
  • Adjusted the amount of Ore in storage to 500 when game starts
  • Fixed the Extractor destruction sequence to remove gibs when destroyed.
  • Fixed the pilot view to stop adjusting when issuing commands.
  • Enhanced the Muzzleflash particle systems for the Rhino and Lynx
  • Fixed the weapon pickup and weapon switching using the right mouse button. Pilots can now build guns using the Armory to add to the vehicle weapons array. Weapons switch after pickup from canister dispensed by Armory.
  • Reduced the bloom amount for the light beams
  • Fixed the pilot eject in the Rhino
  • Sat view only working when Sat Tower built
  • Fixed Factory build sequence to run when power is on
  • Adjusted the client messaging to appear above the MFD
  • Fixed the Recylcer/Builder to stop moving when deployed
  • Fixed the Diamond Back turret to fold arm back to driving position after undeploy command issued.
  • Fixed Spyder turret to fold legs when driving
  • Fixed the Constructor to fabricate buildings faster. Constructor will drive and builder faster when selected and commanded to build. Also builds in smaller areas and navigates around obstructions better.
  • Reduced size of Silo


Working on for Full Release:

  • Factory interior. Ability to build custom vehicles. Ability to create custom weapon loadouts for all vehicles.
  • Custom Attack patterns that can be created outside of runtime.
  • Expanding the Ranking system
  • Fixing the mouse sensitivity to stop resetting between each match..
  • Custom Squads for AI wingmen
  • Cannons, mortars, rockets weapons
  • Changing the ordering sequence for the constructor to select asset first then place. location beacon
  • Fly in Formation for all vehicles
  • Character model
  • Sniper Rifle
  • APC vehicle
  • Howitzer
  • One more tank vehicle for a total of 8
  • Scripted missions
  • Two more maps, The Water Mine on Europa and a new Venus map set on the volcanic side of the planet.
  • Mutliplayer Strat with team commanders and up to 15 pilots per team. Ability to assign AI vehicles to pilots.
  • Coop Skirmish
  • Mine selection using the Armory
  • Fixing the Reinstall issue with Steam

New How To Play Videos

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We Updated the How To Play Videos for the Steam Release. The first video covers how to use the Constructor to build a base. The second video explains how to deploy an Extractor and set up a defensive perimeter of turrets. We are working on additional How To videos that cover all the important aspects of how to play the game, were adding about 2-4 per week until we have about 15 total.

Video #1:

Video #2: