Bionite: Origins Released on Steam!

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After 6 years in development, we have finally made the move to Steam. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access!
The Early Access release includes SinglePlayer Skirmish Mode against the computer on 3 maps: Venus, Mars, and the Moon. We decided to launch on Early Access with the goal of our Full Release in about 6 months. The Early Access release includes 90% of the content that will be included in the Full Release and we are working on adding additional features and more content. The fully functioning Factory with customizable vehicles, the sniper rifle for sniping vehicles, additional vehicles (eg the APC), and Multiplayer/Coop mode will be part of the Full Release on Steam. Below are screenshots of the vehicle interiors with the fully functioning dashboards.  Players can command from within the vehicle, as a pilot outside the vehicle, or in Sat Mode from within the Bunker.  Here is the link to the game:

PreviewArtDesura (3)
LynxScreen HammerHeadScreen BayonetScreen LongbowScreen ArcherScreen KodaikScreens RhinoScreen