Steam Release Delayed Until End of November 2015

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Sorry about the delay, but we decided to add one last element before the release on Steam. We want to make sure that we make as big an impact on the massive Steam community (over 75,000,000 million members) as we can.  Based on feedback from our community, we redesigned the vehicle interiors to include the MultiFunctional Display Unit screens on the vehicle dash board.  Unfortunatly, it required a complete redo of the vehicle interiors and I had to retune the code to compensate for the new dash screens. Basically, we had to switch from running two flash movies (the HUD and the minimap) to running between 6 and 8 simultaneously. We are almost done outfitting all the vehs with the new dashboards, here is a short preview (2 screens and a Utube vid) of the Bayonet: